The Power of Having a Coach with Deryl Sweeney

Join Christy as she talks with her friend and coach, Deryl Sweeney, about his own experience with business ownership and the real power coaching has had for him. Listen long enough to hear Christy Share some of her own work that Deryl has put her through and the impact it has on her daily life. 

Deryl Sweeney is a Professional Coach focused on helping entrepreneurs and high performance professionals build the businesses and the lives that they really want. 

Deryl has launched and scaled multiple businesses, raised millions of dollars as a co-founder of a grass-roots charity raising money to cure cystic fibrosis and developed marketing tactics and strategies for clients nationwide. He coaches and mentors entrepreneurs, executives, founders students, soccer players, and everyday people on their businesses, careers, and lives. 

FACEBOOK: Deryl Sweeney
LINKEDIN: Deryl Sweeney

Deryl Sweeney
Owner, Sweeney Coaching Group

Christy Smallwood
Host, Small Business Success Talk

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