The Importance of Stories with Sylvia Leach Lovely

 For this episode of Small Business Success Talk, we’re joined by Sylvia Leach Lovely. She describes herself as “a lawyer by training, a CEO by experience, and a media mogul…in my dreams” with multiple businesses that she juggles. Her passion though lies in stories which she included in one of the books she wrote.

In 2008, she explained that she had a pretty big, life-changing event that happened to her which lead her to writing her book “Dodging Coconuts, How to Survive the Storm and Rebuild Your Life.” Not to toot my own horn, but this was truly a great episode and I’m so thankful for Sylvia being my guest. We happen to think that she’s quite the fascinating woman with quite a bit that she’s accomplished so be sure to listen to the full episode!

BIO: I am a retired former CEO of 30 years. I am also a lawyer which is taking up some of my time today on behalf of those who lack access to our court systems. My passion lies in helping people better understand their lives through acknowledging and understanding their stories — especially in order to heal from setbacks and trauma. My signature workshop is “Writing the Stories of Your Life.” In addition, I am pivoting to working with my book, published in 2016, “Dodging Coconuts, How to Survive the Storm and Rebuild Your Life.” The fact is, in 2008 during the Great Recession, I lost my beloved CEO job, experienced a medical catastrophe and wrote my book. With that cathartic experience of writing my story, I turned away from it until recently. As a result of the serendipity of speaking to “Women Leading Kentucky” about my experience, I revived my thinking of how my stories helped me recover from my catastrophic experience. No matter the trauma or grief we may experience, we must learn that we cannot change the story no matter how hard we try. All we can do is learn lessons and begin a new story while realizing that we can only partially dictate the outcome. We are unique individuals and eventually we must view our stories as part of a life well-lived.


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