Tapping into individual superpowers with human analytics, Michael G. Hall of Hall & Associates, Inc.

Our first guest since the rebrand of our podcast (which is now Small Business SUCCESS Talk if you haven’t heard yet), is Michael G. Hall. A Louisville native, he has his degree in Accounting and Economics. After being a CPA and moving into corporate finance, he realized he wanted to do something different and less self-driven which is what got him into human analytics. What exactly is human analytics you ask? Also known as people analytics, human analytics is the collection and application of talent data to improve critical talent and business outcomes.

BIO: My passion for the past 20 years has been spearheading dynamic change in organizations by identifying and developing the employees’ talents to match the culture of their company.

By closely collaborating with owner-operators and C-level managers, I uncover and share what drives the people, pinpointing their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. In my experience, this has resulted in up to a 20% increase in revenue. Armed with this crucial data, C-suite managers now have a roadmap from which they can better manage their bottom line while maximizing top line growth.

Hall & Associates, Inc. is a strategic advisory firm that works exclusively with visionary business leaders and management to scale and transform organizations using Applied Psychometric Analytics Traits (this translates to “Moneyball for CEOs”).

Experienced in industries such as FinTech, retail, high-tech software, healthcare, digital imaging, and real estate, I have been a key member of several boards of directors and advisory boards, including: MasterCard Prepaid Policy Council, American Institute of Public Accountants eCommerce Education Committee, Association of Corporate Growth, Austin Chapter Financial Executives International Board of Directors, two-time Financial Executives Global Summit Chair, and Transaction Wireless (First Data) Advisory Board, among others.

I have a track record of successfully guiding organizations thru transformative processes to pivot and execute company strategies and tactics that is unparalleled. I implement a step-by-step talent optimization process, with the ultimate goal of aligning your talent strategy with your business strategy.

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelgrayhall/

Michael G. Hall
Hall & Associates, LLC

Christy Smallwood
Host, Small Business Success Talk

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