Small Business Success Talks: Summer Strategy with YaJagoff Media LLC

Join host Christy Smallwood in this captivating episode of Small Business Success Talks, as she sits down with the dynamic duo, Rachael Rennebeck and John Chamberlin of YaJagoff Media LLC Prepare to be inspired as they discuss the essential elements of summer strategy for small businesses. Explore the concept of lifelong learning and how it plays a crucial role in business growth. Discover how small businesses can become the unsung heroes of their communities and the importance of authenticity when connecting with clients. Gain valuable insights on networking, leveraging podcasts, and the power of intentional strategic planning. Get ready to ignite your passion, unlock hidden potential, and unleash a summer strategy that propels your small business to new heights.


John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck are Pittsburgh jagoffs (the term of endearment version of jagoff of course) who cofounded YaJagoff Media, LLC. With decades of experience eating, drinking, shopping, living and being among yinzers, we birthed the Pittsburgh-centric company encompassing all things related to the 412. Those decades of “Pittsburghing” heightened our experience in the marketing and media realm, spreading our talents beyond the ‘Burgh, and to companies and organizations in cities like Cleveland, Harrisburg, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and more. With a library of multimedia assets that include a blog, podcast, and videos used for social media and YouTube, the YJ team provides strategic and reliable marketing initiatives and content to increase brand awareness for businesses and events. We are content creators who cause engagement and interaction within our promotions and campaigns.

We have been fortunate to win three Golden Quill awards, host a traditional radio show and love what we do!

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