Navigating Business, Birthdays, and Bookshelves

Ever wondered what happens when randomness meets rich information? In this episode, Christy dives deep into the vibrant tapestry of life, sharing random yet incredibly informative tidbits. Join her as she sheds light on the recent conversations, the pulse of her family-owned business, and the intricate layers of communication within a business setting. Discover the power of intentionality as a strategy that Christy has embraced.

As the 50th-year celebration wave hits, Christy takes us on a journey through the festivities surrounding her friends’ milestone birthdays. Plus, explore the charm of Kentucky, where towns bare names inspired by cities worldwide. Stay tuned for the exciting plans Christy has in store for her own 50th birthday bash!

And that’s not all – Christy spills the beans on the latest captivating reads that have captured her attention. Get ready for some book recommendations that will surely make it to your must-read list.

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