Keeping Up With Digital Marketing Changes

For this episode of the Small Business Success Talk podcast, we’re joined by Amy Torres of Director of Marketing Inc. and Kristina Stubblefield of SoIn Media Group. We’re calling ourselves the “Marketing Mavens” because of our combined knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. Brittany Murphy of One Thing Marketing was not able to join us for this episode, but she will be joining us in the future!

This was a LOADED episode so you’ll definitely want to grab your favorite notebook and pen to take some notes. Without giving too much away, we discussed the constantly-changing world of marketing, how people are connecting with businesses now vs in the past, and the big one (brace yourself) that you cannot work from a to-do list. 

We hope you enjoy this episode because we’ve got more comin’ at ya so stay tuned for more episodes with the Marketing Mavens!

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Amy Torres
Owner, Director of Marketing Inc.

Kristina Stubblefield
Owner, SoIn Media Group

Christy Smallwood
Owner, Eagle Eye Strategies

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