Standing Out in the Crowd & Having Fun In Your Business - Jason Koerner of Perfect Pitch DJ Services

 Jason Koerner of Perfect Pitch DJ Services talked with us for this episode of Small Business Small Talk. We loved hearing how he makes events like weddings and business expos a personalized experience with not only his DJ service, but his high-tech photo booth as well. In addition, he talks about how it’s important to stand out in his field of work, what he loves the most about this business, and so much more!

BIO: I’ve been a musician all my life. Music is what I LOVE.
Whether I am playing in a band, DJing, or singing in the truck, music is happening around me. Let me bring my passion for music to your important day. You will have the comfort of knowing that who you are working with is in it for the right reasons, not just to get a paycheck. This business is my baby, and I ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Perfect Pitch DJ Service, LLC is a professional business launched from a serious hobby, so it is the best of both worlds where high quality service meets fun – all at an affordable price!



Jason Koerner
Perfect Pitch DJ Services

Christy Smallwood
Host, Small Business Small Talk

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