Evolving and growing as a business owner with Tristan Wright, owner of Evolve to Grow

We had the chance to talk with Tristan Wright, owner of Evolve to Grow in Victoria Australia. He shared with us his pain points of having a business and how he got to where he is today with great advice for all business owners.

BIO: I wasn’t a natural born Business Coach. In fact, I started adult life as a moderately successful (and unengaged) Engineer. Work was never my focus, I’d live for time spent cycling with my mates. It was during this paddle-posse that I was tasked with finding and buying some race gear as we looked to turn our mateship into a serious race team. I explored the caverns of the Cycling Wear world—it left a lot to be desired. And just like that, I created and built Seight Custom Cycling Wear. Before too long I was running a $300,000 business from my kitchen table while still tinkering away at engineering. I wasn’t even 30, and all the success made me arrogant.


LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/evolve-to-grow/

Tristan Wright
Owner, Evolve to Grow

Christy Smallwood
Host, Small Business Small Talk

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