Crafting Your Brand's Story: Small Business Success Tips with Christy Smallwood and Sarah Panus

In this enlightening episode of Small Business Success Talks – Summer of Strategy, your host Christy Smallwood engages in a thought-provoking conversation with the insightful Sarah Panus. Together, they delve deep into the art of storytelling and how it can be a game-changer for small businesses.

One of the central themes explored is the fascinating connection between the human brain and storytelling. Discover how understanding the neuroscience behind storytelling can revolutionize your marketing strategy. By tapping into the brain’s natural inclination towards narratives, you’ll learn how to captivate your audience on a profound level.

Sarah and Christy also discuss the shift towards human-centered marketing. In a world where customers seek authentic connections, understanding the power of humans marketing to other humans is crucial. Learn how this shift can breathe new life into your brand, forging meaningful relationships with your audience.

Crafting the perfect story is another key focus of this conversation. Gain valuable insights into the StoryBrand guide and the art of clarifying your brand’s core message and values. By honing in on these storytelling essentials, you’ll be better equipped to resonate with your target audience.

Finally, the episode touches upon the importance of gaining a competitive edge in today’s business landscape. Find out how focusing on foundational storytelling elements can help your small business stand out amidst fierce competition.

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Sarah’s BIO:

Marketers don’t have enough time to do content marketing well. Sarah Panus helps you check storytelling projects off your marketing to-do list using 20 years of frameworks and methods, so you get your time back while confidently engaging new + existing customers. 

It shouldn’t feel like you’re falling behind because you can’t get your content work done.  Sarah understands how hard it is to juggle your demands.  Clients: Sleep Number, Starbucks, LegalZoom, Katie Couric Media, Thrive Global, Nestle Waters, Lindt Chocolate, American Heart Association, Cox Communications, Alta Tech, King Technology, Christos Bridal, etc. 

She’s a brand storytelling consultant, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy®️ (top 5% of all marketing podcasts), Certified StoryBrand Guide, and owner of Kindred Speak®️ consulting. Sarah works with clients by either doing the work for them through her freelance consulting services; OR, coaching them to think like Editorial Content Directors in one of her online courses. Visit to learn more.

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