Bringing In The New Generation to the Family Business

Joining us for this episode of the Small Business Success Talk podcast is Phil Van Hooser and his daugher-in-law, Alyson Van Hooser. 

Phil got his start in corporate management and quickly realized that he had a talent for training people and speaking. He had the opportunity to do a fundraising event where he would show those attending the fundamentals of interviewing and then 9 months later, he ended up starting his own business. 

Fast forward several years later and Phil asked around the family dinner table who wanted to take over the family business so he could eventually retire. Alyson spoke up and said she would gladly take it over. Everything fell into place and here they are, both making an impact in people’s lives. We’re excited to see where the future takes them!

WEBSITE: Van Hooser Associates, Inc.

FACEBOOK: Phil Van HooserAlyson Van Hooser

INSTAGRAM: Phil Van HooserAlyson Van Hooser

LINKEDIN: Phil Van HooserAlyson Van Hooser

Phil Van Hooser & Alyson Van Hooser
Van Hooser Associates, Inc.

Christy Smallwood
Host, Small Business Success Talk

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