A Journey of Passion and Purpose with Kaitlyn Hubert

Join host Christy Smallwood in a heartfelt conversation with Kaitlyn Hubert, a stylist turned salon owner and beauty entrepreneur, as they delve into Kaitlyn’s remarkable journey in the latest episode of Small Business Success Talks.

In this episode, Kaitlyn shares her transition from a 15-year career as a stylist to the brave decision of starting her own salon in 2021. The discussion unfolds into the fascinating world of Kaitlyn’s beauty empire, including her own line of beauty products.

Discover how Kaitlyn has mastered the art of Instagram, building a strong and engaged following that has become a cornerstone of her brand. The conversation also explores how she sets her salons apart by paying attention to every tiny detail, creating a unique and inviting vibe that customers love.

Beyond business, Kaitlyn reveals her passion for non-profit work, discussing how she views her salon as a vessel for making a positive impact in the community. Throughout the episode, Kaitlyn’s dedication to treating her business as more than just a venture, but as a means to help others, shines through.

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